Friday, 22 May 2009

Degree show night!!!! :D

Tonight is the Duncan of Jordanstone Degree show opening night and I'm very excited to see everyones stuff (the jewellers especially of course!)! It runs from the 23rd May to 6th June (9.30-8.30 or 4.30 at weekends) and I think it is definately worth a visit. I remember going to the degree show at Edinburgh College of Art when I was in 3rd year of school (wasn't really aware of D.O.J at that point!) and absolutely loved it and knew then that I wanted to make jewellery! Of course at the time...and even now actually(!!!!) I remember thinking "There's no way I could ever do this!!!"! I actually looked up 1 jeweller, Cecillia Stamp, who's postcard I stole from an E.C.A degree show a few years ago (keep an eye on ur postcards tonight 4th years! Mwooohahaha!) because I loved her stuff so much and was a little dismayed to only find them on a site about that very degree show! Hopefully they are doing well on a non internet level! I will post some pics of her stuff that I did find! Visit the Degree Show everyone!!!! :D

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Katie Joy said...

Sounds awwesome! I would love to visit if it wasnt so far away!