Friday, 15 May 2009


I am feeling very disgruntled that I have no work to post seeing as that's us finished for the holidays really!!! I'm still concentrating on Source work but my main focus is going to be my dissertation. So I am just going to fiddle about with my profile (I was also bored with the layout!!) and am going to upload some pictures of a few designers who have really inspired my source and are giving me ideas for my degree show!! My tutor wants me to continue on with the theme of vanity and work on more conceptual designs. I'm a bit hesitant though as conceptual work that has been displayed before in the degree show always seems to be hit or miss..but I suppose conceptual work is always more controversial! Basically feeling very scared (like a rabbit in the headlights!) and am beginning to feel I'm not cut out for jewellery!!

Thought I'd post a little pic of a statue I saw on a recent trip to Krakow! I'm sick of the sight of my previous posts and need new stuff on my page!!! x

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