Monday, 23 March 2009

"War paint" vanity brooch.

Here is the second brooch I created that has a similar concept to the "compact" brooch. The brooch is made to loosely resemble a medal as make up is often described as some sort of "armour" to wear every day, as if protecting yourself from something. Again I wanted to use humour and poke fun at this and suggest the wearer has shed their insecurities and have been awarded this brooch. I liked that the brooch is very feminine yet has an interesting concept. It was halfway through the project someone pointed out that the research project (where I researched Lin Cheung) has obviously influenced me and I have to agree! Starting to think about exploring conceptual jewellery as part of my source as it's definately an area of jewellery I'm interested in! As well as narrative!! All in all-a pretty perfect project for me!

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