Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Our narrative jewellery project is still in the very early stages-most peoples "visual mind maps" are complete and sketchbook work has begun! Heres a little picture from my visual mind map that I really like! Ive nearly settled on a rough design already- Im thinking some sort of locket/compact that will have a girls face etched on 1 side and maybe some sort of make up container on the other that will cover the girls face when closed-this is to symbolise the act of putting on make up and how it covers natural beauty. Im still undecided as I recently found a necklace by Joan Parcher which is a large pendand made of graphite (i think...!) which over time marks your clothing in the pattern that it swings in. Im contemplating something similar-such as a cameo locket but made from a laser cut powder compact? Im not sure if the laser cutter can do this OR (more importantly!) if theyll let me do something so messy on it!! Fingers crossed!

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