Monday, 23 February 2009

Daily Poetics!

Just clicked onto one of my favourite sites "Daily Poetics" (jewellery section of course!) and scrolled down the first page only to be confronted with my blog address!!! After minutes of confusion realised that they had used my blog as a reference to where they'd discovered Kate Pickering's jewellery!!! Ok so it wasn't any interest in my jewellery but I have a small claim to fame!!! Haha! One day my jewellery will feature!! Mwooohahahaha! *evil cackle*


Holly Wilcox said...

woohoo you're famous!!!

Kate said...

Hi Nicola, I just discovered myself too!! Very exciting, I'm so excited that you even have a link to my work on your page, it's very flattering! Glad you've taken an interest in my work.