Friday, 2 November 2012

Goody Bag Give-Away!


I'm having a goody bag give-away competition which will end on the 1st December! This will contain at least 2 pieces of jewellery, promotional material & offers as well as some crafty bits and bobs I've picked up along the way! 

TO ENTER: All you have to do is "Like" my jewellery FB page Nicola Reed Jewellery or share the pic/comp details via FB 

*Do both for 2 entries!*


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Poem @ Pittenweem

Today I received the lovely news that a piece from my Vanity Series, the Vintage Powder Puff Neckpiece, was sold. The piece had been on display at Pittenweem Arts Festival as part of a small exhibition of works to be displayed alongside poems inspired by them. A beautiful poem called "Amanda & Edward" by Olga Wojtas was created. I loved the poem as I had no idea how the poet would interpret the work; whether the "vanity" aspect would come up, so I loved that it has been romanticised - a medallion-style tribute to a small feature loved by a partner. In fact I really wish this had been the original theme!

Amanda and Edward

Amanda was a woman of keen intelligence. 
“Do you love me?” she asked. 
“I love you,” Edward said. 
“Why do you love me?” she asked further. 
“Because of your keen intelligence,” he said. 
But what he meant was because of your little retrouss√© nose. 
“How much do you love me?” she asked further still.
“With all my heart,” he said.
“Give me a love token,” she said, thinking that will prove how much you love me, for she was a woman of keen intelligence.
He had divers scour the South Seas for iridescent pearls. He had miners extract gleaming silver from the depths of Lower Silesia. He had sharp-eyed Belgian spinsters create fine needle-lace. And then he added a pink plump powder puff.
“A love token,” he said. “To celebrate your keen intelligence.”
And he imagined kissing the tip of her little retroussé nose.

Olga Wojtas 

Monday, 28 May 2012

Degree Show 2012

On Saturday I finally got round to visiting the DJCAD Degree Show. My main aim was to visit my friend Jenny Smith's display after completing her Artist in Residence stint. Jenny has decided to set up business under the name PRINTSMITH Textiles and her work is gorgeous as per usual! Gorgeous muted tones and geometric shapes create beautiful home-ready lampshades and cushions-a-plenty. Check her work out: Here!

Jewellery & Metal Design was of course a point of call and, as usual, the work was to an extremely high standard. The Jewellery dept. at DJCAD seems to be unstoppable at the moment (with 3 consecutive wins at New Designers) and this year did not disappoint. With some departments I personally feel a bit "Is that it?" when you see only a few items in front of you (granted extensive portfolios are probably tucked away somewhere!) but that is never the case with jewellery. A few of my favourites are listed below complete with personal statements:

Sana Aziz: Hidden within a quirky, circus inspired collection is a deep narrative addressing some of the social issues that women in Pakistan are facing today. Sana uses the circus not just as a tool for visual inspiration, but more importantly, as a metaphorical journey. By drawing subtle comparisons between real life and the workings of a circus, she aims to bring social and cultural issues like education constraints and concepts of arranged marriages to the forefront, so that a larger audience can be made aware of them and are encouraged to challenge these stereo types in an aim to improve the life of current and future generations of Pakistani women.

Sally-Anne Fenton: Sally’s work focuses on preserving precious memories through jewellery and capturing a piece of a loved one which will be treasured forever. Inspired by the recent loss of her grandmother, Sally aims to keep her memory alive through her jewellery. She is interested in expressing the relationship which she had with her grandmother and conveys this by contrasting the old and the new – the vintage and the modern. Using fabrics from her grandmother’s clothes, gemstones from her jewellery and natural forms from her garden as a basis for her collection, Sally recreates and transforms them into something new.

Janna Macdonald: The Fairy Hunt Tooth fairy hunting is a very unpublicized event in our modern day society, which is where Janna's collection of both objects and jewellery give effective advertisement for this lost sport. Basing her pieces around the concept of animal hunting, Janna gives her audience a look into her own fantasy land which gives a humorous yet dark insight into the folklore tale of the Tooth Fairy which we all loved as a child.

Textiles is always the next attraction for me and some other gorgeous printed items that stood out were produced by...

Claire Anne Grant:

& Serena Quigley

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

"Star" Necklace

"Star" Necklace: Sterling Silver & Meteorite. 
A personal commission piece.

Monday, 30 April 2012

New Work

Sterling Silver & Amazonite 
Kinetic Bracelet.

Oxidised Sterling Silver, Felt 
& Amazonite Twig Necklace.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New Work

Some new work has been added to the Vanilla Ink online shop; mainly some smaller studs suitable for everyday wear. Check out all the new pieces by clicking the link below!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Vanilla Ink / Commission

Just a small post to say that I have recently sent some smaller items of jewellery to be stocked at the wonderful Vanilla Ink to join the "MADE pieces". These will be available soon (one item pictured below) so will hopefully have more images for you all soon! I found the above image after I finally got into Instagram - I'm not sure why it's taken so long, it's so easy to get photos up quickly on various social networking sites! Follow me at nicolalreed if you're involved already!

I have also been working on a commission for one of my good friends (and ex-flatmates!), Kirsty! Kirsty was given a piece of meteorite from her boyfriend as she loves stars - a piece that was found near Beunos Aires - and wanted me to make it into a necklace for her. The piece is quite simple - sterling silver / flat at the back with 5 claws holding the meteorite and a 20" chain - so I will hopefully have some pics of that soon too. 

Thursday, 12 April 2012


New stock has been added to my Etsy shop since the revamp of my website. Take a peek...

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Last Chance

Last chance to Like my FB page - 
the winner of these earrings will be announced tonight! 

Get Liking!

Monday, 26 March 2012


To celebrate the launch of my new website (Check it out!!) I am running a little competition! 

All you have to do to be in with a chance to win this pair of sterling silver, felt & amazonite earrings is "Like" my jewellery Facebook Page! If you have already liked it then simply share my page (let me know you have done so!) and you will also be entered into the competition! One name will be chosen at random on the 10th April! So get Liking!!

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Things have been a little quiet on the jewellery front at the moment so I thought I'd take the time to explain what I've been up to! I recently decided to get my business on the right track so the 1st start was to register as self-employed. Anything to do with the HMRC does tend to make for an instant headache but I knew it needed to be done so I've got myself a nice little folder to keep all my paperwork in order! Since I had a little bit of disruption with my job at the start of the year I have been unwilling to dip into my bank account to shell out for silver, though I did manage to get some pieces together to send off to Hung gallery in Inverness. It's a nice feeling to have some work for sale in my home city! I will be purchasing some silver very soon to get back into the making game very soon though! Another disruption is my website; while having your boyfriend do it for free is a luxury - the nagging to get it done is not!! However, it should (!!!) be up and running next week - similar design just a bit slicker/new images/drop down menus to clean it up. I will be running a little competition soon to celebrate so watch this space! Other exciting news is that I was recently contacted by my former jewellery tutor to send an exhibition piece to be included in Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2012 in Poland under the DJCAD banner. I decided to polish up a Vanity Series piece "Powder Puff Brooch" for inclusion.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Vanilla Ink

Vanilla Ink's shop has officially launched!! 
And I am delighted to have my work stocked!

Check out the online shop HERE!

ps. MASSIVE thank you to Kate for her hard work and allowing me to be part of Vanilla Ink.


Due to some issues with hours, I made the choice to leave Magnolia Silver Jewellery where I have worked for the last 6 months. However, as luck would have it, Ortak happened to be advertising for full time sales assistants just a few shops down from Magnolia. So I was delighted to be offered the position in such a short space of time in such a difficult climate. I have just finished my 1st week and am enjoying it so far; especially as today I got to choose my "shop jewellery". Spoilt for choice between existing stock and previews of future stock I settled on a relatively subtle set - from the "Urban" range (pictured below).

The Aberdeen branch is kept busy and today was the last day of a very good sale which had massive reductions on some high quality pieces. So far I have just encountered the basics, but I am eager to get involved with Ortak's bespoke service where customers are able to design their own pieces or swap features of existing pieces. My manager has mentioned that it is sometimes difficult to get a good feel for what the customer wants from bespoke pieces as they sometimes don't know the technical terms or descriptions are a bit vague so she hopes that, given my jewellery background, I will be able to help out in these situations. I was also intrigued to hear that one of Ortak's designers is Laura Christie, a fellow Duncan of Jordanstone graduate! Above all, I am looking forward to settling into a new workplace where I can add to my jewellery experience and knowledge :).

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Having known for a while that my website needed updating - we had discovered after getting a new laptop that the only computer my site didn't seem to show up as Comic Sans was our old one!! - especially with the inclusion of the new Salvaged Bijoux collection, I have decided to take the site down while it gets a small makeover. Not too much will be changing by way of style - it just needs a good clear out in the coding department and my boyfriend, who created the site, has learned a few more computing skills to make the site run better. It was just getting a little cluttered in my view so I think there will be more drop down menu options and a cleaner layout. 

Secondly while looking at my site, I decided to de-list everything from my Etsy store to make way for some new pieces from the Salvaged Bijoux collection. However, I am not all that convinced about Etsy anymore as it seems chock a block with sellers and I am sick of constantly re-listing entries and not getting alerted via email of them becoming de-listed. So I am considering moving to BigCartel. I already have one of the free packages, allowing 5 items, but am considering taking the plunge and going for the $9.99 a month package. It seems like a nice clear layout and a bit more up to date than Etsy. Does anyone have any experience with the site? Which do users prefer? I'd love to here some opinions!

Last but not least, with the coming of 2012 I had decided to set myself a few jewellery New Years Resolutions! Just little things to set as small goals to make sure I am being pro-active! Has anyone else set any  jewellery-resolutions? Here are mine...

1. Re-do my site & set up a new shop with good quality pictures.

2. Make myself some jewellery to wear to promote my skills. (I always make myself something, only for the next craft fair to come round and I think "I can sell these!")

3. Carry business cards around at all times.

4. Focus on building up more stockists.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Small Repairs

Necklace changed from a leather cord to a snake chain.

Bracelet catch with stone - 
the silver had snapped so a new catch was required.

I was given a couple of tiny jewellery tasks to do from friends and family - a swap of a chain and a small repair involving silver wire. At work at Magnolia Silver Jewellery, several people come up asking if we are able to do small repairs and a couple of times I have done this in store but usually if it is a bigger job - it is limited to the companies own jewellery and is sent away to the manufacturers. I like the challenge of repairs and you get to see different types of jewellery as well as needing to use a bit of problem solving! If anyone is needing any repairs to any silver jewellery I encourage you to get in touch as it is usually relatively simple to find a solution and I would be happy to take a look! :)

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Sandra Dieckmann

I am super chuffed to have just purchased some Sandra Dieckmann illustrations to adorn my rather empty walls! I have been wanting to start a collage of prints for a while now and was given the push today after sauntering on to Etsy for the first time in a while and chanced upon a 10% sale on Sandra's site. I loved her work the moment I saw it and was hard pushed to choose which print to go for. Her work is modern, funky, colourful but with a dreamy fantasy twist. I can't wait for them to arrive and am looking forward to finding some more art work. Does anyone have any suggestions?

So far I'm eyeing up work by:

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Little Birds Market

Nicola Reed Jewellery will be at the Dec 11th Little Birds Market at Sloans in Glasgow. This will be my 2nd Little Birds Market and I am thoroughly looking forward to my first Christmas Craft Fair! My selection of pieces will be a little less suspender themed and will include items from the Salvaged Bijoux range. I will also be using a lot of Amazonite which is fast becoming my favourite stone - such a gorgeous vintage look! As well as this upcoming event...

My work was also on sale at Arresting, a pop up boutique in my very own new home city of Aberdeen! Once again, I owe a huge thank you to Kate Pickering of Vanilla Ink who took my work as part of a collection of designers work. She has done me some huge jewellery favours in regards to getting my work on show (e.g MADE11) and saved me lots of leg work and stress! I wish her the best of luck with Vanilla Ink :)